HilburgMalan is an international independent consulting firm with over 35 years of experience advising global leaders on their decisions in identifying, preventing and mitigating business threatening trust issues.


Clients see us operating at the intersection of management consulting and strategic communication, HilburgMalan navigates CEO’s, governments and public figures through times of crises to protect shareholder value and reputational credibility.


HilburgMalan is globally acknowledged as pioneers in proprietary technology platforms that enable leadership teams to uncover the hidden forces of distrust, disengagement and flawed decision-making within their own organisations and shape cultural and leadership transformation.

Crisis Leadership


The only asset that a company can lose in a crisis is trust. Crisis Leadership is not PR. It’s about avoidance, prevention and preparedness before containment and recovery. Clients call on HilburgMalan throughout the lifecycle of crisis management, from crisis planning, forecasting and mitigation, to probability analytics and ‘war-gaming’, to crisis containment and recovery. ‘One will never be remembered for the crisis itself, but rather with how they responded to it.’

Cultural and Leadership Transformation


73% of crises start internally. Utilising our propriety software platforms, we can not only measure the level of employee disengagement, sources of multi-generational mistrust and misalignment, employee disloyalty and flawed decision cultures within your organization but quantify them to determine their financial impacts. Our award-winning work has transformed and built trust-based leadership teams and shaped integration across multi-generational/multi-cultural workforces.

Strategic Decisions Advisory


Trust is the currency of the 21st century. In a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, our technology-led approach enables executive teams to uncover the barriers and bridges to building and restoring trust with internal and external stakeholders.

Some of the measurable difference we’ve made for clients:

  • Created and then navigated 8 FMCG brands into Fortune Magazine’s “most admired” rankings.

  • Created a compelling vision and participatory strategy for a newly appointed CEO of a Greater China healthcare company to increase employee engagement at all levels.

  • Designed the business strategy for a major international publishing/entertainment brand which resulted in 5 year growth and over $2 billion in new revenue by proposing and then creating 6 new channels of business.

  • Built cross-cultural understanding and trust amongst employees and across franchisees of a multinational financial services firm that contributed 200% revenue growth over 3 years.

  • Helped a global automotive brand recover from a multi-country recall crisis enabling record levels of employee and dealer network engagement while resetting the customer engagement strategy.

  • Saved 4 global chemical brands US $750 million by helping them avoid decimating legislative action on a proposed change to environmental regulation.

  • Saved an energy brand US $1 billion in punitive damages by designing and assisting in the implementation of a legal strategy that rewrote a chapter of history resolving one of America’s most infamous environmental crisis.

  • Settled an international labor dispute for a global technology client with an unconventional strategy saving 2,300 jobs and US $ 986 million investment.

  • Collaborated with 42 law firms over 35 years to create trial communication strategies for 107 successful civil and criminal court cases.